The Social Futurist offers an interpretation of technology, and its role in society today and tomorrow. By curating content from different perspectives and across multiple fields, as well as creating original stories, The Social Futurist looks to bridge the gap between technology and society for its readers.

Disruption, disruption everywhere.

Technological disruption takes place in nearly every segment of our society. When things are happening so rapidly it can be hard to keep track, which is a shame; new technology impacts us more than one might think and will increasingly do so in the future. The Social Futurist's goal is essentially just that: to keep track of technological developments and its impact in society. What started as an endless back-and-forth traffic of articles between brothers Leon and Ruben Horbach became the very start of this initiative. The Social Futurist wants categorise the best insights from the sharpest minds into topic-specific 'files', making it both accessible and comprehensible for its readers. 

Originals: unique stories from the community

Besides curating articles from external sources, The Social Futurist will provide unique content written by experts from different disciplines. These contributors will report on the work done in their respective fields, allowing readers to come close to, and be a part of, a network of social futurists. 

We are looking for experts/authors that can help us grow The Social Futurist by writing bi-weekly or monthly contributions to be published on the website. For more information, please reach out at

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