Complete Energy Democratization Is Coming. Let’s Get Ready.

By Aoi Senju (NewCo Shift),

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Microgrids will culminate in complete electricity decentralization when transaction-based services are standardized for energy services.

At the end of 2016, 47% of all US electricity customers had a smart meter.

Electricity is more valuable on certain areas of the grid and during certain times of the day, and so prices should fluctuate minute by minute, depending on system loads, geopolitics, location, scheduled maintenance, etc.

People need dynamic electricity rates so that they have an incentive to install smart meters and save money - in a 2016 study, Commonwealth Edison, the largest utility in Illinois, found that customers could save 13% on their bill just by billing them hourly based on wholesale market prices.

These policies have far-reaching implications - formerly passive consumers of electricity can finally become active members of the energy community, consuming and contributing energy.

Coupled with smart meters, each of these assets on the grid is becoming its own node on a network, with the ability to generate electricity and communicate with each of the other nodes.

The transition to a decentralized electricity system will also aid in project development.